This post includes all the necessary information about the IMPRECO final event. 

Title of the event: IMPRECO Final Meeting and Closing Event
When and where the event was held?: 02 December 2020 | Digital event due to COVID19 restrictive measures.
Who organized the event?: The event was organized by PP3; University of Salento – Dept. of Biological and Environmental Sciences and Technologies, Acquatina di Frigole (Lecce, Italy) in the framework of IMPRECO Project as it was the responsible partner of this activity. In the event, all the Project Partners were contributed presenting the results of their activities.
Total number of participants: 62 persons

What happened on the event: On Tuesday, December 2rd, 2020, the final open event was held for the IMPRECO project in order to present the project final results and main activities. The event took place on Zoom platform due to the COVID19 restrictive measures of the european government regarding the organization of events and travelling. The event was structured in three sessions; the welcome speeches, the IMPRECO transnational activities, the IMPRECO Pilot Actions, Activities and Best Practices, and the Capitalization perspectives in the ADRION Program.

During the opening session, an institutional welcome was given by F. Police, Rector of the University of Salento (the welcome speech is available here), by L. Capone, President of the Regional Council of Apulia Region, by R. Marchesan, Municipality of Staranzano, and by L. Valli, Director of the DiSTeBA of University of Salento.

The next session included the presentation of the overall project as well as the main activities of the project. Specifically, the following topics were presented; Biodiversity in the protected areas, Monitoring programs in the protected areas, Ecosystem Services in the protected areas, Stakeholders involvement and Joint Task Forces, E-learning platform and Common Educational Program, Strategy for Ecosystem Services and the final project video. This part closed with a Q&A session during which the attendants had the opportunity to ask questions and further discuss the activities presented so far.

Turning next to the third session, each project partner had the opportunity to present the pilot actions developed in their local protected area and any best practices coming from the area. During the last session, M. Tortul from the LP of IMPRECO gave a short overview on the PARES network, the continuation of IMPRECO and the way that the partnership will continue to collaborate after the project end. There were also presentations on the contributions from the ADRION Thematic Cluster “Coastal and Marine Environment management” as well as other networks and EU Infrastructures.

Before the event, University of Salento implemented a series of communication activities so as to the final event be promoted. More specifically Dr. Maurizio Pinna gave an interview to the Italian media regarding the final event, which is available here.

In addition, after the event, University of Salento released the respective information on the final event and as a result, a video was presented on the local media.

Photos of the event