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IMPRECO – Pilot Action Plans

September 20th, 2019|Library|

The IMPRECO Pilot Action Plans

Pilot actions at seven IMPRECO Protected Areas are the core of the project Common strategies and best practices to IMprove the transnational PRotection of ECOsystem integrity and services. With the help of transnational networking the IMPRECO main objective – to enhance the safeguarding of ecosystem services (ESS) and tackle their environmental vulnerability strengthening the potential of protected areas in biodiversity and ecosystems (ES) conservation – will be reached.

The Protected Areas are located in five ADRION region countries: three in Italy (Isonzo Rivermouth Nature Reserve, Bosco Nordio Nature Reserve, Aquatina di Frigole), and one in Slovenia (Škocjanski zatok Nature Reserve), Croatia (Pakleni Islands), Albania (Lake Shkodra) and Greece (Northeastern Edge of Crete). Following the project working plan, each project partner prepared the Pilot action Plan for the activities, aiming to improve the state of ES and/ or ESS in the Protected Area being responsible for. The special focus of the partners was put on the so-called cultural ESS (the services and products that natural ES provide to recreational, aesthetic, cognitive and spiritual activities), their benefits and use, as well as related problems and conflicts. That’s why the majority of the IMPRECO Pilot actions is tackling recreational, educational and tourism activities within the Protected Areas, as well as the impacts coming from the local use of Protected Areas’ resources, such as handicraft and agriculture in the Shkodra Lake in Albania.

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