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A day at the Natural History Museum of Crete

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A day at the Natural History Museum of Crete

March 5th, 2020|Events, News|

Region of Crete (PP7) organised an educational visit at the Natural History Museum of Crete in the framework of the Common Educational Programme giving the opportunity to young students to learn about the Cretan natural ecosystems and to understand their value.

In details, students of the 4th grade of a Primary School of Crete received an informative a presentation by Michalis Dretakis (UoC – NHMC). Mr Dretakis presented the value of the Natura 2000 areas and gave an overview of the IMPRECO project and its activities. The NE edge of Crete and the species that appear in this protected area were in the epicentre of the presentation revealing the value of implementing IMPRECO.

The short presentation was followed by an educaticational game designed by the Region of Crete. The kids were split in small teams each of which was given a list of protected species along with a representative photo of them. Then the teams had to explore the museum exhibits looking for the species in the list and match them with their respective environment. The kids were really keen on identifying the species in their environment, learning from first hand the approaches to preserve them.